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About Me

Formally Mystic Massage, I have just come back from the gulf Islands after 15 months, now rejuvenated.

I am proud to be starting up my massage business again ""  

I look forward to see familiar clients and making new ones.

Originally from eastern Canada and have been living here for about 20 years on Vancouver Island based mostly in Victoria.

I love it here! It truly is a great and beautiful place to live and simply enjoy what life has to offer. 

I work out on a regular basis just to keep up, it helps to be in good shape. I also enjoy the finer things in life, good music, good wine, you know the stuff.

I have travelled some of the world, looking forward to seeing more of the exotic places and the orient that are rich in their colour and history.

I am trained and am experienced massage therapist knowledgeable in the Karma Sutra, now exploring the Tantric. I very much enjoy my work, it’s my love and my passion, to make people feel really, really good. 

Taking you on a ultimate journey in a pleasure massage for your total relaxation. 

I look forward to hearing from you soon, Why not unwind today!


Debra Gray “Simone" | Owner | Professional Masseuse | 

Phone | Text: 778.679.6393